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Attitudes are contagious.

Mine might kill you.

Dr. Gregory House
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About Dr. House
Name: Gregory Jonathan House.
Date of birth: 11th June, 1959
Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio
Age: 45.
Social Security no.: 295-13-7865
Occupation: Chief Diagnostician at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital; double specialty in Infectious Diseases and Nephrology.
Height: 6'2".
Frame: Tall, somewhat lanky frame, and relatively well-toned in the upper body.
Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Brown; graying.
Defining Marks and Traits: House has a dime-sized scar on the right-hand side of his neck, a bullet wound from when he was shot by a disgruntled spouse of one of House’s former patients. He has large, disfiguring scarring on his right thigh from where he underwent debridement to remove necrotic muscle when he was struck down with a thrombatic infarction. He has a five o’clock shadow/scruff. He cares little for clothing appearance, and is usually wearing a t-shirt (often times with a [un-ironed] dress shirt over the top) with jeans, occasionally trousers, and a jacket. Very rarely does House dress smartly, and even though he’s a doctor, he never wears his lab coat - unless there’s a very good impetus. He wears Nike shoes, sports a wooden lacquered cane and he never brushes his hair. House has a very prominent limp, favoring his left leg due to the lack of muscle in his right thigh. He can bear little to almost no weight on his right leg, and can only walk short distances unaided with his cane. House has a very sharp wit and an equally sharp tongue. He tends to talk a lot in metaphors. He’s not always sharp and caustic, though - there are times when House is very subdued and introspective; usually when he’s depressed or in pain. These are times when he’s most unpredictable, because he can unexpectedly snap if aggravated. He can speak Spanish on a basic level, and speaks some Mandarin (albeit badly) and some self-taught phrases in Hindi.
House was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to parents John and Blythe House; an only child. His father was a marine pilot, and the demands of John's job meant he had to travel and be stationed in various places around the world, thus House never had a settled childhood. He’s close to this mother; however there’s a big distance between his father and himself. He resents his father a great deal, due to the way his father raised him. John had only ever wanted to do what was best for House, but his strict disciplinarian ways crossed a very fine line between harsh discipline and abuse. In the fall of 1996, House was struck with a sudden thrombis in his right leg, precisely in the lateral circumflex femoral artery. A misdiagnosis that stretched over three days resulted in a four-day blockage, otherwise known as a peripheral artery occlusive disease (PAOD); a venous infarction. This resulted in muscular necrosis, and while he requested to have the blockage flushed, Stacy - his girlfriend at the time- stepped in as his medical proxy and ordered for the necrotic tissue to be removed while he was in a chemically-induced coma. Being there was such extensive debridement of the necrotic tissue, he ended up losing the entire quad compartment and a portion of the adductors in his thigh, which resulted in chronic neuropathic pain that he has endured ever since; pain which he attempts to control with Vicodin.

For full information about House and his personality, please go here to his character profile page. Continually updated as canon unfolds.

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