Dr. Gregory House (dr_greghouse_md) wrote,
Dr. Gregory House

Revenge is a dish best served with chilli and guacamole

There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness.

If this is true, then Jesus must really have it in for all you Gentiles. (I'd say Jews, too, except for the part where you lot don't believe in Jesus, so his forgiveness-as-revenge ploy would go unnoticed. Mazal Tov.)

Who the hell forgives out of revenge? That's got to be one of the most passive forms of revenge ever. Passive revenge isn't even revenge; it's just gutless. And unsatisfactory. Revenge is about oneupmanship, eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth, satisfaction. How is forgiveness satisfactory when you realise you haven't actually forgiven the person?

You know, when it comes down to it, there really isn't any such thing as forgiveness. As long as you remember what the person did, you're never going to really forgive them. Which means true forgiveness only ever happens in Alzheimer's patients.

So, the moral of this is: forgiveness as revenge is defeat.

Dr. Gregory House
House MD
166 words; for eclecticmuses
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You know, when it comes down to it, there really isn't any such thing as forgiveness.

Certainly sucks for you - if you actually believe that. You don't actually believe that, do you?
Do you?
In forgiving others? Yeah.

Yeah, House, I do.
Do you really?
How can you just stand there and ask me-- Yes, really.
How? Because I can, that's how.
Oh, I know. Delivering a quick slap in the face has always been something you're capable of and good at. Well aware. Now that you've got your answer and I think I'll just leave you to your deep contemplation.
Who said it was deep? It's fact. There's nothing deep about fact. It's only deep if you're looking for some hidden meaning.

Fact is: you don't forget, so how do you really forgive if you can't forget?
The words don't share a definition, House! If I didn't remember it, it wouldn't merit forgiving, would it?

The whole idea behind forgiving someone is knowing very well what was done wrong, continuing to know it, and forgiving them for it. It isn't about the pain being erased or the wrong being nonexistant in either person memory. In fact, forgetting it is cheap compared. The point of forgiveness is being able to remember it all and caring about someone in spite of it. Wanting to remain with them in spite of it. Loving them in spite of it.

I forgive because the person is worth more to me than the damage rendered. People endure pain, House. For a lot of different reasons. Your theory is flawed because your ends don't have anything to do with the means. So maybe you're just incapable of forgiveness. Giving and getting.
Wow. That was a lot of words for "you're beginning to really piss me off, you selfish, insensitive asshole".

*clenches fist and drops eyes, nodding* Yeah. Absolutely. Only, if I'd meant "fuck you" I'd have said it. Plenty of times. I know that's what you'd prefer. I don't doubt you'd have wanted me to say it then. Each and every time. Sorry to keep disappointing you. God, how I must piss you off.

Maybe one day you'll actually get what you want. See you around.
Where're you going?
Oh, look! Here's an example: Fuck you.
*gives a dramatic roll of his eyes, though maybe a little reproachfully*

You don't mean that.
*narrows eyes dangerously*

What? Not relieved? No confetti? Kept it short! Just like you wanted. *scoffs and turns away toward the door* This is obviously what you wanted... and it's really tiring, refusing you. So take it and shut the hell up.


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