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The word 'God' is 'guilt trip' spelt incorrectly.

Do I believe in God or a higher being? No.

All religions are the same: religions are just guilt with different holidays. I get that people like to think their life has meaning, but what I don’t get is why people slave themselves to guilt and ritual over something they don’t even really know exists. Why live your life according to something that has never, and probably will never, be scientifically proven?

The meaning of your life is determined by what you make of it. Not by thin air, not by a book of double standards written by people thousands of years ago whom were all influenced by centuries of already existing religions. Not by some guy who got nailed to a cross to promote martyrdom.

People only believe in God because they want to. If God or any other spiritual being was real, it would’ve been discovered by now. And, you know, for a dude that’s supposed to be omnipotent, supposed to be everywhere, it’s a little strange that he doesn’t show up in Petri dishes.

Life is like a light bulb - you turn the light on, it glows on energy. But it eventually burns out and once it does, that light’s out forever. Life is no different. Me, I was never inconvenienced about not existing before I was born, so why should I be inconvenienced about not existing after I die?

But should God ever happen to turn up in a Petri dish, I’d like to know what took him so long.

Prompt for eclecticmuses: Do you believe in God or a higher being?
Muse: Dr. Greg House
Fandom: House MD
Words: 257
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