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The Beach (House/Stacy, PG)

Title: The Beach
Character: Dr. Greg House
Warnings: None
Pairings: House/Stacy - pre-infarc
Your character's fandom: House, MD
Word count: 2,450
Prompt: 005. Sea for licenseartistic
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: As much as I wish House and Stacy belonged to me, alas.

For _vicodin.

House never liked the beach much. He didn’t like the way the sand would cling to his feet after being in the water, and as far as swimming in the ocean went, House always advocated that there were creatures in the sea that didn’t like humans.

“Yes, because all the creatures in the ocean have something against you specifically,” Stacy argued as she tugged a reluctant House by the hand down onto the sand from the grassy embankment. Stacy, on the other hand, liked the beach and she was determined to have a day where they did something she wanted to do for a change.

“Yeah, well,” House grumbled, “how would you like it if you were minding your own business, eating your supper of plankton, and a big finger suddenly came in through your dining room window?”

Stacy ignored him and House found himself being led further down the beach where there were less people. He started grousing about how every time he came to the beach and he oiled himself up with suncream, a gust of wind would blow up and spray sand all over him, making him looking a cinnamon donut, which Stacy also ignored as she started to lay the towels out.

“Greg,” she snapped once she’d stripped her top off, revealing a black bikini top underneath. She slapped her shirt against his chest in annoyance, which made him flinch in self-defense. “Shut up. As much as you may think so, the sand doesn’t have anything against you, either.”

He scowled at her. “No, but I have a lot of things against sand.”

“You have a thing against a lot things, Greg,” Stacy retorted, shaking her head at him as she folded her shirt up. She crouched down to stuff her shirt into the beach bag and then stood back up, her hands braced onto her hips. “In a battle between you and the world, I’d probably bet on you. If only because the only force greater in the universe than the universe itself is your chronic complaining.”

House gave an indignant snort. “I don’t complain. I point out the realities of life people choose to ignore.”

“You complain,” Stacy said as she started to strip her shorts off.

“No, I don’t.”

Stacy finished pulling her shorts off before she straightened up and gave him an even look. “Your whole concept of reality is one big complaint. In your opinion, if everything seems to be going well in someone’s life, then that means they’ve obviously overlooked something.”

“That’s usually because they have.”

She rolled her eyes. “Sometimes, things can actually go well in someone’s life, Greg. The glass isn’t always half-empty.”

“Right,” he replied dryly. “Except for the part where optimists are nothing but half-full of shit.”

Stacy threw her hands up in the air in defeat, one hand still clutching her shorts. House watched her shake her head again irritably as she folded her shorts, then crouch down to stuff them into the bag. “I get that you hate the beach, Greg, but I really don’t think spending half a day on one is going to hurt you.” She began to stretch out onto her belly on the towel. “I might, though, if you don’t shut up.”

House watched Stacy settle onto her belly and prop herself up onto her elbows. “Really,” he replied sceptically.

Stacy looked up over her shoulder at him. “You hate it when I deny you sex.”

House frowned down at her. “You’d deny me sex over me not wanting to be at the beach? That’s hardly fair.”

Stacy rolled onto her side to look up at him better, shielding her eyes with one hand. “When you deny me enjoyment of something I enjoy, that means I therefore have the right to deny you something you enjoy. It’s called eye for an eye.”

“It’s just the beach!” House exclaimed.

“You’re the one making a big deal about it, not me!” She shook her head yet again and moved back onto her stomach. “Honestly, Greg. You’re incredible.”

“Who told you?” House replied arrogantly. He heard Stacy snort, but she didn’t answer him; she pulled a paperback book out of the beach bag and opened it to start reading. When he realised that she was ignoring him, House huffed childishly before he started to tug his shirt off over his head. He balled it up into his hand and tossed it on top of the bag, kicked off his trainers and lay down onto the beach towel next to Stacy.

He didn’t want her to deny him sex, no way. He was going to have to crawl back to her a little, persuade her into forgetting about withholding sex from him altogether. Shifting closer to her, he slid his hand onto her back, already starting to feel warm from the sun, and leaned in to kiss her shoulder. She turned the page on her book, still ignoring him, which made House feel annoyed because he wanted her attention, so he nuzzled his face in against her neck.

She swatted at him like he was a fly bothering her. “Go away,” she muttered.

He pulled back slightly at the swat, but then moved straight back in and pressed his face in against her neck again. “No.”

“You’re annoying me,” she replied sharply.

He didn’t answer; he knew if he did, she’d probably smack him across the head with the book. He kept his face pressed in against the side of her neck, inhaling the scent of her skin. Mingled with that, he could smell the salty sea air and he listened to the sound of the water rushing in and out on the shore, the seagulls cawing in the distance and the shout of kids playing a little further down the beach.

House lifted his hand from her back to her hair and swept it aside with his fingers so the side of her neck was exposed to him.

“Greg,” she warned, still focused on her book, though she didn’t appear to be reading it.

“Oh, come on,” he protested mildly. He then sighed with a roll of his eyes. “I’m sorry,” he offered somewhat begrudgingly.

“No, you’re not.”

“I am!”

Stacy lowered her book and pulled back enough to turn her head to give him an assessing look. “No. You’re not.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I’m not.” He hissed loudly in surprise when she slapped her book across the side of his head. “Okay, okay!” he relented in protest, rubbing his head on the spot where the book made impact. “I’m sorry, alright?”

“Greg, you’re really winding me up.”

He rubbed his head and scowled before dropping his hand away and schooling his expression into something more sincere. “I’m sorry,” he offered again, gruffly though genuinely this time.

“I said go away.”


He started to slide his hand onto her shoulder, which she shrugged away from. “I mean it, Greg.”

“Aw, come on.”

“I mean it.”

“Stacy,” House tried again, touching her shoulder once more and she tried to shrug him off. He stubbornly shifted closer and kissed her shoulder, which she tried to fend off, before craning his neck to try and kiss her cheek. She turned her face away so his lips ended up kissing the shell of her ear, and when she tried to shove him away from her House buried his face in against her neck again.

Stop it!” Stacy demanded, though she was starting to laugh; a frustrated laugh. House grinned slightly and nuzzled his face in closer, his arm now wrapped across her shoulders to pin her close to him. “Greg!”

“You can’t resist me,” he teased, and the heat of his breath must’ve tickled her skin because Stacy let out another amused snort before trying to elbow him in annoyance for making her laugh. “Give into the Greg.”

Stacy attempted to elbow him again, half-heartedly this time. House could tell she was starting to give in. “God, you’re insufferable!”

“You wouldn’t have me any other way,” he remarked, now starting to kiss her neck again.

“I must be insane,” Stacy agreed, hesitantly tilting her head to the side to let him kiss more of her neck. House nuzzled her neck once more before pressing a slow kiss against her skin, his hand just as slowly moving from her shoulder down her back. Stacy sighed. “You frustrate the hell out of me.”

“Mmm.” He kissed up to her jaw, then nosed her cheek to get her to turn her head towards him and when she did, House kissed her lips lightly. She returned the kiss, shifting onto her elbow as she reached her hand up to his head, and they kissed again, longer and slower this time as Stacy threaded her fingers through his hair and House caressed the small of her back.

The kiss tapered off and House kept his eyes closed when Stacy pulled back - and without warning, suddenly found his head being pushed down quickly and his face being shoved into the sand. He sputtered loudly in surprise, copping a mouthful of sand and snapped his head back up when Stacy pulled her hand away. He could hear her laughing as he spat the sand from his mouth, his eyes screwed shut to stop the sand from getting into them.

“What’d you do that for?!” he exclaimed, though pulled an expression of utter distaste as sand fell into his mouth. He spat again, and again, shook his head to rid himself of the excess sand as he pushed himself up to a sitting position and fretfully wiped at his face. Stacy was still laughing at him, and when he carefully opened one eye to glare at her, he found Stacy lying on her back, looking extremely amused.

“You’re an ass,” Stacy said between laughs.

House spent another few moments spitting and trying to shake the sand from his face. It felt like the sand was clinging to his skin. “That’s your excuse?!”

Stacy laughed again before she pushed herself up. She lifted her hand to his face and started to help dust his face down, smiling triumphantly at him. “You don’t like sand, and I don’t like you bitching about how much you don’t like sand. So, it seemed only fair to rub your face in it. Literally.”

“You lured me into a false sense of security.”

“Yes. Horrible feeling, isn’t it? Now you know how I feel every time you do something like that to me.” House dropped his hand away and scowled at Stacy as she continued to dust the last of the sand from his face. He could still taste it in his mouth, salty and gritty. Stacy smiled again. “I’m sorry.”

“No, you’re not.”

“You’re right, I’m not.”

House scowled even more before he licked his lips sourly and wiped his mouth and tongue with the back of his hand. “Ugh. Sand in my mouth.”

“Want some water?”

House nodded, and Stacy sat up more to fetch a bottle from the beach bag. She screwed it open and handed it to him, which he took and began swilling his mouth out. He spat out the water, then took another sip. “Coming to the beach was a stupid idea,” he said once he’d swallowed.

Stacy took the bottle from him as she watched his face with a look equal parts amused and exasperated. “With you, yes.”

“It’s stupid no matter who you go with.”

“Of course,” she agreed dryly. “According to you.”

“The whole world should be according to me.”

She recapped the bottle after taking a quick sip. “God help us all.”

“I don’t believe in God.”

“Right. Because he has something against you, too?” Stacy shook her head as she placed the bottle back into the beach bag.

“He has something against everything.”

Stacy faced back to him, a wry smile on her lips. “Seems you two have something in common, then.”

House snorted and watched her face for a moment while she watched him. She then looked back to her book, and House settled beside her, dropping a kiss to her shoulder. “Why drag me to a beach, if all you’re going to do is read a book and ignore me?”

“I’ll stop ignoring you when you stop being a pain in the ass,” Stacy replied without looking up from her book.

“You shouldn’t have made me come to the beach, then.”

Stacy glanced over her shoulder at him. “Why, so you wouldn’t be a pain in the ass? You’re always a pain in the ass.”

“You don’t always ignore me,” House pointed out.

“It’s impossible to ignore you.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“You have no idea.”

House smirked with his lips still pressed to her shoulder, his hand now caressing her ass lightly. “Put the book down.”

“Stop touching my butt in public.”

“Stop reading a book in public.”

“Why, does it offend you?” Stacy replied dryly. She was smiling, though.

House squeezed her ass gently before tracing his fingers down to the back of her thigh. It felt warm from the sun. “Being ignored offends me.”

“I haven’t a doubt in my mind that it does,” she said, dropping her book to the sand. House quickly reached up to the book, picked it up and threw it away from Stacy, the book landing in the sand, far out of her reach. “Greg! I was reading that!”

“Yes, you were.” House leaned in and pressed a kiss to her cheek. “You’re not now, though.”

“You’re an ass,” she said in an exasperated tone.

“I believe we’ve covered that one already.”

“It’s a topic that never gets old,” Stacy replied sharply.

“Mmm,” House sounded against her jaw, his hand running up her back again. That, too, felt warm. “I mightn’t enjoy the beach, but I do enjoy you.”

“This isn’t an appropriate place to ‘enjoy’ me.”

“See? I told you coming you coming to the beach was a stupid idea.”

Stacy made a sound of frustration before she turned her head towards him. “You’re impossible.”

House grinned. “Just the way you love me, right?”

She rolled her eyes. “I must be insane,” she agreed with a sigh.

“I love you, too,” he replied arrogantly.

“Ass,” Stacy shot back before she started to kiss him, House smiling against her lips.
Tags: fic, house/stacy, licenseartistic prompt
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